Saturday, May 14, 2011

Google so creative~

Was on Google a few days ago, and they had these for the Google word you see when you click on their page! So nice. :D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a way with words..

Some people are just clueless to what they say or write. I'm very particular about this, and in my opinion, if you can change your sentence into something that sounds nicer, then by all means, change it.
Some people speak without thinking, which is something that I find rather amusing. Have you ever been in a situation like this:

A: Oh, you look weird. Tired is it?
B: ...
A: *realises that B is pissed off by his words* I mean..why so tired? *smiles*

Yes, I know, this is not something serious, but then, in B's eyes, A is already at fault, why? Because of his choice of words. C'mon, who in the world starts a greeting with the word 'weird' in it, and he's referring to the person's appearance?? There is nothing positive about 'weird' appearances.

Even if A's intention was good, B does not think so.

Why can't some people change their words so that they do not piss other people off? Why can't they construct better sentences, instead of just typing or writing what was on their mind at that instant.

Besides changing their words, some people should also practice what they preach. In my eyes, if someone is doing something that contradicts what they say, he/she is just an embarrassment.

An embarrassment to the individual, their kind, and sometimes, their own religion.

I know of a friend who talks in a holy manner when he's around my friends and I. Oh, and he seems like the holiest amongst his own friends too. Let me call him TheFaker.
TheFaker is a friend of mine, yes he is, but he's an example of someone who do not practice what he preaches. In front of the majority of us, he would tell us that our actions are unholy, our words are not words used by 'good people' and so on.

When someone says stuff like that, he gives the impression that he follows what he says..however, when he gets excited or hyped up about something, all the 'mcb-knn-ccb' words come out from his mouth and it slides out as natural as swimming is to a fish. I don't know about you, but I can't have the same respect as I have for people like The Faker.

Another example of people who talk without thinking is TheInsulter. Yes, TheInsulter is also a friend of mine, sad case right?

TheInsulter is just like his name, everything he says, it sounds like an insult, even if he didn't mean it to be as such. The words that he chooses are rude, it's not his tone, it's his word. Surely he does not mean it that way all the time, but TheInsulter just do not know how much impact his words have on the people around him.

TheInsulter: Oh hey, I smell oranges. Smells good.
Me: I think it's coming from this stall. Would you like to go in and take a look?
TheInsulter: Why? Are you going to get me the oranges?
Me: ...

It all goes down to how you construct your sentence, throw in a 'please' and 'thank you' once in a while. The ones who receive it will definitely remember you for this. Isn't a positive attention better than a negative one?

When someone ask you a question, answer it politely. Nothing bad can come from being polite. Use the correct words, and don't try top be funny or lame in your answers. Oh sure, you might think your answers are funny, but people are actually laughing at you, not with you. You like to be the joke rather than tell the joke?

If you have an opinion about something, speak it. No point agreeing to other people's opinion, and then complain later that you do not agree of their words and actions. Not only do you look like TheFaker, you also look like a Two-facedSkunk, only there to agree so that other people will think that everyone is on the same page.

I hate it when people do not speak their mind. I know, sometimes, they are just keeping it to themselves, since they do not want to hurt the other person..however, if you do not agree, but go along with it, it will get worse in time.

Imagine you have a problem with the word 'fat'. You don't like people to use that word on others, but you do not voice out your own opinion. After a long time of your friends using the word 'fat', you finally snap and start to scold your friends in public for using that word.

In the eyes of your friend, this is not about you and your valued opinion any more, it shows them that you are a Two-facedSkunk, why? You're scolding them for something that they thought everyone agrees on (in this case, the usage of the word 'fat'), but in the end, you do not, and they ended up being humiliated by you in public.

It's a sad thing to have people like these in my life, but what to do? I've told them about what I think about them, but they still won't change for their betterment..friends huh? pfft~

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Of course.. :)

Of course I'm feeling what I'm feeling right now.
It's all because of all the empty hopes I've lost, the hopes that I've invested in you.

How can I not feel this way? You can't expect me to be happy after hearing about a bad news. This is just sick. How can you go and hurt someone, and tell them 'It's alright'??

It's like me, stabbing you in the eyes with my knives, and telling you 'It's alright'. Shit like that don't happen. Like someone cutting off your torso, and telling you 'It's alright'. Shit like that don't happen!

No one walks around leading people on, giving false hopes, playing with empty promises and ending up crushing them like a cockroach under a rolled up newspaper.

I know, I'm not the better looking guy if compared to him, but I thought you were different. They treated me the same way, so I should have expected you to be the same, because in the end, most of them left.

'Shit happens' right? Obviously not to you, because if it does, you would not be saying this with a jolly tone.

I was there when you needed someone to talk to. I was there when the nights were silent. I thought you would be there for me too, guess I was wrong.

Thank you for reminding me why I should never have started in the first place. Never again. This I promise.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You don't say!~

Random shiz~ Got back from gym and thought about blogging. I'm going to be very random with this post and write about things that you do not know about me...but maybe you do, I'll just write it. Teehee~

#1. I do not conform.
I'm talking about being a rebel, but not like that of a group rebellion...I'm more towards individuality. Society is making us conform, and I'm not the type who likes to look like everyone else. I'm weird, I know that, since I was young.

When I was young, most of the kids I know wanted to be firemen or police officers, I wanted to be a cookie. I seriously did. What can be more awesome-er than a cookie? The only possible answer: COOKIES! :D

I like to be an individual. I like to stand out, in a good way of course.

#2. I dream of having blue highlights.
Yes, you heard me, blue highlights. I think I'll partly blame my need for attention, but I like love the colour blue, but for me to have blue highlights in my hair is literally asking to be kicked out from my university. There's this rule about hair being 'appropriately' dyed when in the Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary's not allowed.

#3. I love my hair.
Q: But why you want to spoil your hair and dye it blue?
A: Because I like ma.
I take care of my hair. I would give myself a hair mask twice a week, and I shampoo and condition regularly. I can't imagine how someone can go around just shampooing their hair, without conditioner. Shame on them.

#4. I speak out what is on my mind.
..and most people have a problem with me, being opinionated. People tend to give me funny looks when I comment on something that they are saying. They would usually prefer a beautiful fabricated lie, instead of the ugly truth it usually is...but I definitely do not do it in the mean way. I'm a nice person, really, I am.

#5. I'm better in person.
If you read this and you hear it from me, it's a totally different thing. I'm a better person..erm, in person.
On the net, I can be whoever I want, and that's how I live my fantasies of being a multi-gajillionaire, and buying land for me to make my own theme park! :D

#6. I make at least 1 person laugh every day.
I take this as a personal challenge. I'll talk to my friends, or get to know some new people, and make them laugh or giggle. Nothing is better than putting a smile on someone's face.
I can't help it, I just like to see people laugh. You can tell a lot about someone through their laughter...and you get to know whether they can take a joke or not, very very important!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You made me think...

Days like these makes me think, and not just on any normal stuff:

"Should I put more effort, or should I just stop now to avoid the hurt?"

"Maybe I can change, it's for my betterment, right?"

"Should I click on your name when I see you online? I don't want to look desperate, but I really really want to chat with you...although we always run out of topic to chat about..."

"You never look for me when we're online...should I take that as a sign and stop myself from having high hopes?"

"You've told me about the 'other guy' (yea, I get jealous too, but I don't tell you). What can I do to be YOUR guy?"

"I seriously don't know how you feel towards me, and I'm afraid to case you'll freak out and stop chatting with me."

"I really hope to be more than just 'friends', but will you let me?"

I told you I'll wait, and I've seriously been waiting. I'm at the brink of giving up, and somehow I need you there to tell me that you're still there, and you're waiting too, waiting to be ready to be in a relationship.

I'll tell you now, there are times, when I'll wake up and think that I'm waiting for something that's never going to happen, but I told myself, I'll be right here waiting for you.

I'll stay hanging by the edge, but it's tiring. I don't want to disappoint you like how you've told me about the other guys...but you're making it really difficult for me.

Please, tell me, to either keep waiting, or just forget about it.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

You're an inspiration. :)

People come and go in my life.
Some passed away to a better place, others just lost contact..but those who stayed are just special in their own way.

I'm not sure about how they feel about me but I know how I feel towards them.

My friends from secondary school, I'm still as close to them as I've ever been. Sure, they might be all around the world, but when we get back together or when we chat on the net, the crazy moments are sure to pop out in the middle of nowhere. They are as close to my heart as they were back when we became friends 8 years back.

Then there are friends from my tertiary life.
Those who took care of me while I am away from home. The people who befriend me when no one else did. I remember when I was down with a very bad fever, my friends took care of me and even brought me to the doctor to have me checked. I've celebrated countless holidays, birthdays and other memorable moments together. Some have changed, while some just stayed the same.

Then, there are those who surprise you after some time of being friend. It's like something in them click and then they show you who they really are. Some are good traits, while some are just not worthy of mentioning. The ones who usually surprise me are those quiet ones in class, the one who does not usually get notice, but then, when you finally spot them in the crowd, they turn out to be quite a gem.

Those words at the title, that's the best thing someone can say about me, and it really means a lot to a simpleton like me.

I want you to know that when everything goes wrong, I'll be there to be the one saying "I'm here for you", because friends like you really deserve the best from every single individual you meet.

Thank you very much for being a friend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life has been..

Lo and behold, I've entered the life of a Degree student, and so's been boring.

It has been 2 days, and for this whole week and the next 4 weekdays after, it's Orientation. I know I'm complaining a lot, but I feel like we (those from Diploma and entering Degree) should have been exempted from the Orientation.

So I guess there's still a week of orientation to's going to be tough.

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I don't know why, but I was angry at something when I woke up.

I find that weird because I'm usually a very nice guy, seriously, I am, and waking up feeling angry at something without knowing what it is that I'm mad at makes me frustrated.

I tried to figure it out the whole day, but still, nothing pops into my head. I must be thinking too much...I think I really am thinking too much, I've started to lose focus, especially when it comes to college stuff.

FREAKING HECK, it's only been 2 days, and my focus is off!

I need to get back the flame, somehow.

I'm just writing rubbish. I'm frustrated at the fact that I've lost focus, I'm confused about this morning, and things are just weird recently.

I'll just head to bed, and sleep it off.


I can get all emotional just listening to the songs. Damn.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Staying buried

I think this room really give me weird dreams. There's one more just now, when I was taking my nap at around 5pm.

It all started at the beach.

I see you from afar, just walking around, and once in a while, kneeling and picking up seashells. I'm partially buried, so I did not see you when you walked out of my sight. You'll pick one, and look at it for a few seconds, but you don't keep it, you just toss it behind you and moved on. You continued doing this for quite a number of time..and then you reached me.

I guess I was either a hermit crab in a seashell, or I was the seashell itself. Weird dream, eyh? :\

Anyway, I was right in your face..or your eye, because I think I was one of 'em conch shells and you were staring at me with one eye shut.

I was already expecting it, to be treated like the others. You would just take a look at me and then toss me behind you and walk on...but you didn't. Instead, you took me closer to the sea, and washed off the sand on my shell, and kept me in your jeans.

From then on, it was pitch dark, but then, I was near you, so everything is okay. :)

I hope you pick me this time. I'll stay buried in the sand till you pick me up, and no rush, take your time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Of telly and talking

We always run out of topic to talk about huh?

I'm not good at talking, even more when we're on the net... I'm more of a 'sits-with-you-on-the-swings' kinda guy. I'd prefer to just sit with you, and have you by my side.

I don't want to talk much, because I'm afraid I might say something wrong and make you upset without knowing..and besides that, I just like your company.

Knowing that you're there, makes do I put this? Secure? Content? I can't think of the word now, but it's a good thing.

I'm writing this while you're watching the telly. I'll try and give you a call tomorrow, if you let me.

If you read this, I just want to say:

"Hi, guess you found out. Please don't let me know that you have read this, because I'll deny that this is about you. I'm not ashamed of liking you, but I'm just shy because I don't want you to know yet... I know you're not ready for a relationship, and I don't want to force you to accept it too, so that's okay. If you want time, I've got time. I'll wait, just like I've been waiting all along."

Don't be strangers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weird dreams.

I'm back in Selangor and moved in my new room, and I think this room has some mysterious powers to it. I've been having weird dreams lately.

The first and the weirdest would have been me and a set of triplets as my brothers, as in, my own siblings were brothers instead of sisters.
Haha, when I told my friends about this, they say it was my need for a brother in life, and made me sound like a love-deprived kid, ftw~

The 2nd one that I can remember was about Maggie Simpson and someone who looks like Mr. Burns, except that on his face, there was only an eye...there were no nose, mouth and ears..the whole face was a blinking eyeball.

And this Eyeball Burns was some kind of sick-ass paedophile. He made a playground for Maggie, but it was no ordinary playground. There were springs, ropes and even spikes, laid down on a plank.

I remember Eyeball Burns throwing Maggie on the springs, and watching her bounce from one spring to another. Then he tied Maggie on a theterball-like equipment and spin her in circles. It was horrible..I woke up just before the spikes and was covered in cold sweat..and that was already at 8am THIS morning.

The 3rd one was rather personal, and I won't write it here. I'll just say it was about:

lost love > going back together > phone call > ran away > caught up > avoid question > A NAME starting with the letter G.

Jeng jeng jeng~

Maybe it's the Valentines Day air. People are horny on this day and their pheromones are wafting all over the people like me weird dreams.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I just want you to know..

I'm old-fashioned.

I will hold the door open when you walk in.

I will bring you flowers when I pick you up, but not on the first date.

I prefer a walk at the beach than going to the cinema, and do hold my hand because that would make me feel secure.

I complain about the little things in life, at the slightest thing that annoys me, at things I don't like.

I smile every time I think about the best moments in my life.
Even more when I picture you in it. ;)

I am not much of a talker when I am around people I love. I don't call you a friend, and you're not family too. I don't like other titles, so you'll be you. :)

You make my heart skip a beat when I see you type the most adorable thing.

I have this weird habit of tapping my fingers on any surface.

And also staring into space.. for quite some time. This happens a lot of times.

I also get jealous please be there to assure me that everything is alright.

I am terrified of lizards, and I think the world would be a better place without it.

I wave at random babies on the street, and smile when they wave back.

I would like to tell these to you, if you let me. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Of the best and worst of friends.

Recently, life has been depressing. Disappointments are everywhere, and most are from people whom I have never expected.

I'm talking about my friends. I am a person who values friendship, and my friends know that very well. Or so I thought..Since I am free most of the time after ending my Diploma, I have got all the time in the world to start my brain juices flowing, and things appear to be clearer now.

Some friends turned out to be quite 'different' this time around. I will not be naming names, but I hope they are reading this.

Dear Friend

I want to let you know that I miss you. I do not know whether you are avoiding me or not, but whatever the reason is, I would like to hear it from you.
Why don't we just take an hour and talk this over? What do you think?
I would really like to hear from you again.


Since we're on the topic of friends, I just want to let my readers (HAH, as if I have readers of my own!) know that not everything in my life is disappointing. I had a great time with a few friends just a few days ago.

We've known each other for only 6 months, and it has been 2 and a half years, but we're still as close as ever. I just want to say thank you for cheering me up.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things to do

I'm bored. I know I have wanted a long holiday, but now that I got it, I'm starting to miss the hectic life...being too free is bad, especially for me.

I'm used to 2 years of hectic life, and now, after ending my Diploma, and waiting for Degree to commence, I've just been sitting at home, watching Top Chef and other food channels.

I should be more productive. I should make more stuff and send it out to people.

So far, I've made Orange marshmallows and Profiteroles...I should try others too. I'll post pictures next time.

*No pictures of profiteroles because it was gone when I piped the cream into it*

See ya!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Disappointment, it kills..

The feeling is just awful.

Sometimes I feel like there's more to be done, and there are times when I think that I am good enough, but I was proven wrong. We were all proven to be way below the expectation of our chefs.

There are also times when the action of others affected us badly, and this just make everything worse.

I know, I point blaming others for my actions, and I am not.

I am just saying that there is more that I could do.. *sigh*

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just recently..

Just recently, I...:

- grew another year older. In 2009, I have met many people whom I have grown to trust and believe in, and I can say the bond grew stronger in 2010. Some might say, "It's only been a year, how much can you know about a person?", yea, that is true, but then again, ask yourself, how much faith do you put in the people you meet? I believe in respecting and having faith in others, and then people will come to respect your opinion and believe in you. So far, I have been correct.

- bought my mum a necklace, since I returned from France with a huge allowance. Mum was quite surprised that I spent more than what my dad bought for her the gold earrings. Haha! :D

- got my Term 5 results, but I was quite disappointed with myself. It was not what I aimed for, since I knew I could have done better. How am I going to get a scholarship with my pathetic results?!

- met someone, and I think that sort of sparked something in me, but I keep telling myself, 'No!', when it comes to stuff like this, since I'm supposed to concentrate on my studies. Yea, I think I should just concentrate on my studies now. *slap*

- stopped doing things I like. I'm not sure why, but it just seems like life is not as fun as it used to be. Or maybe it's because I'm getting older and I find people somewhat annoying. I don't know, some things are just not as fun any more.

- have sinfully invested in a mini instant polaroid camera and I have been going crazy with it for the past few weeks. I am thinking of getting an array of different camera, CLASSICS! Films instead of digital.
These are on my list:
a) A fish-eye camera.
b) A Diana camera, either the mini series or just a regular size one. The mini one looks adorable.
c)And a Lomo Lubitel 166+, gosh, this is the epitome of going back to the basic, in my opinion. Teehee~

- have a few problems stuck in my head. Most of them are minor ones, not much of a trouble really, just makes me annoyed most of the time. It is the big ones that I have got to worry about; personal, friends, studies, the usual crap, and the worse part is when someone troubles you for no reason, as in, getting stressed up for nothing. You are just having a fine day, then suddenly, some blardy person would come and stress you up with his/her problems and make you as miserable as them, or even worse.

- am on a tight budget. This time, it's SERIOUS! My friends take this as a joke most of the time because I spend like a billionaire when it comes to food, but till the end of November, I will TRY and be reluctant to spend money on food that I want. I will just spend it on food that I need, so my choices are narrowed down to only a few picks around my area.

- signed a contract. It is just something Vonn came up with. She vowed not to consume most of the food from a few fast food outlet a year before, and suggested that we do the same. I was crazy enough to sign myself up, along with William and Mun Wai, and I am proud to say that I did not fall into temptation ever since we started.


I guess that is about it, for now.
Thank you for the inspiration to write this post.
You know who you are.
: )

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One of the worst

I was really looking forward to 'The Last Airbender', but after watching it just a few minutes ago, it was very very disappointing!

The movie started off with the usual 'Water, Fire, Earth and Air' bending, and the narration about how the world used to live in harmony before the Fire Nation attacked, and that was when it all went downhill. The CGIs were horrible! Story line turned into a disaster! The characters were given to the wrong casts, and sooo many more to complain about!

I'll give you a list on why this movie is horrible and why you should not waste your life watching this, do not make the same mistake I did. =)

1. At the starting of the anime, you can see a Waterbender forming a water ball and shooting it like a cannon, a Firebender doing a flip ending with an explosion, a piece of earth shot up from the ground and sent flying by an Earthender, and finally, an Airbender gathering air followed by a gust of wind. None of these were on screen. Instead, you can see weird-ass silhouettes doing kung-fu or taichi moves, followed by slow moving 'element' effects.

2. Most of the characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender anime are Asians. This was not in the movie. They casted Indians to be Zuko and the whole lot of Firebenders. Iroh, Zuko's uncle is a thin, tall Indian guy with cornrows. A THIN IROH, WITH CORNROWS?! The only obvious Asians were Earthbenders, and they were helpless, which does not even make sense.

3. In the anime, when a group of Earthbenders were caught by the Firebenders in the episode 'Imprisoned', they kept the prisoners in a metal ship, far away from any earth, in case they wanted to 'bend' their way out. However, in the movie, the Firebenders kept the prisoners on land, and they never figured out that they could earthbend their way out from there.
M.Night Shyamalan is insulting Asians indirectly: They are Earthbenders, who manipulate the earth, and they were kept prisoners on land, unlike in the anime, when they were completely helpless in the beginning...and the Earthbenders never figured out that they could earthbend their way out of the prison. STOOOPID!

If you have watched the anime and are looking forward to the movie, sorry to crush your expectation, it sucks!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some just makes you go =)

If you have me on MSN, you might have noticed that I've posted "Bye bye Malaysia, and Hello France!" as my sub-nick.

I've told a few friends about me going to France for industrial training, but GyuBin, my Korean buddy here, is not really happy about it. This is our conversation on MSN:
gyubin says:
hey dont go..

chriss says:
why? o.o??

gyubin says:
no reason
dont go

chriss says:
must have a reason la...

gyubin says:
im gonna miss u ㅇㅁㅇ!!

chriss says:
i'll be back
only 3 months

gyubin says:
to long
i give u 1months

chriss says:
but my training period = 3 months..1 month, can't go for training.

gyubin says:
so dont go there?

chriss says:
but it's a good chance for me to get experience overseas...

gyubin says:

chriss says:
don't worry, 3 months is not see, you have been in malaysia for 3 months already..hahah
didn't realise huh?
This made my day

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bonjour~ Laduree?

Guess who is going to France for 3 months? =D
So I did not manage to get into Laduree (DREAMS!! ), but I have to count my blessings for this one.

No, I'm not going there for a holiday, but it's for my next industrial training.

Just this afternoon, the 6 who were chosen to go to France had a briefing session with Mr Tan from Career Centre, Mr Pierre and Chef Pascal from Toulouse.

I'll be heading to Abbaye Ecole de Soreze on the 19th of April, which is 2 weeks from now! Really really excited about it.

The others are heading to L'esprit du Vin at Albi, and Au Pois Gourmand.


Am really over-excited! Sorry, let me syok sendiri 1st!
*runs around the room and jumps on bed*

I want to experience the culture, the food.

I want to speak French to native French speakers and get corrected by them! =D

I want to meet new people and travel around when I'm free.

I want to visit the marketplace at the wee hours in the morning and buy produce from the vendors!

I'll go around saying 'Bonjour!' to everyone who smiles at me, and back!!

I want to visit Laduree at Champs Elysees, and snap pictures of myself drinking a cuppa while on my macaroons!

I want to find out how the word French is involved in kissing

If I could, I'll take a train to UK and say 'Hi!' to SJ, and maybe have dinner with her. =)

I want to visit the cathedrals over there! Oohhmaaaiiigoosh, they have pipe organs!

I want to make friends with some French and get them to buy me things!*heong pengs*

This is turning out to be a great start for Easter.

Movie on Good Friday

Got this from the


How To Train Your Dragon.

In the village of Berk, the Viking men are large, muscular, and totally hell-bent on doing one thing and one thing only. Killing every dragon that invades and plunders their village’s food supply. Led by their leader Stoick (Gerard Butler), the worth and significance of a man is measured on whether or not you’re able to slay dragons. Stoick’s young son Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) on the other hand, is a different story. He’s never slain a dragon, nor is he buff and burly like the other inhabitants of Berk. Due to his differences, he is estranged from his father, and he wants to do something about it.

During the latest raid on the village, Hiccup manages to shoot a dragon down from the sky, unfortunately without anyone around to witness it. He journeys to find the fallen predator to finish him off, but when he finally locates him, Hiccup is unable to complete the kill. As days go by, he spends more and more time with his dragon (which he names Toothless) and learns that he is not dangerous at all. After training him and learning about dragons including why they have no choice but to constantly pillage Berk; Hiccup makes a daring decision to not only attempt to win his father’s approval, but also to try and change the entire village’s outlook regarding the majestic creatures, and ultimately eliminate the violence and the killing once and for all.